Crowdfund Yourself!

Did you know that there is now a way to crowdfund yourself? Yes! there are now crowdfunding platforms that let investors back hopeful entrepreneurs who show potential, even if they don’t have a business idea yet.

Upstart was launched in November and utilizes an algorithm that draws on the academic and professional experience of aspiring entrepreneurs to predict their future earnings.  Interested investors can then fund these entrepreneurs in exchange for a percentage of their income over the next decade.  Sign up, fill out a profile highlighting your skills and accomplishments and see if you can find some backers.

22 Crowdfunding Sites

It wasn’t that long ago when if interested in crowdfunding, you only had a handful of platforms to choose from.  There were the 2 big ones: kickstarter and indiegogo and it almost seems like overnight the number of platforms has exploded.  Inc magazine had recently a very interesting list and map of options depending on what you are trying to do: build a company, build an app, work on a science related project, etc.

I am sure by the time you read the full article, the list will already be obsolete, but it can give you a pretty good idea about the different options available.  Read Inc Magazine’s article for the full list of 22 crowdfunding sites.