AI and Generative AI are taking the world by storm

AI is everywhere and the hype around it is like nothing we have ever seen before. Just take a look at what Google trends show us about worldwide web searches for the word AI during the past 19 years. There was a peak in 2011 probably generated by IBM Watson’s winning Jeopardy and Apple’s launch of Siri – 2 extremely significant innovations at the time. But nothing compares to the levels of interest generated over the past few months for AI and Generative AI.

Worldwide Searches for the word AI – 2004-2023

I have worked in the AI field for over a decade, and I have never seen AI technologies evolve with such speed and innovation like we are seeing now through Generative AI. The AI field is being revolutionized, and these new technologies will bring powerful new capabilities that can be turned into value for individuals, businesses, and society. And this is what Google trends show us about worldwide web searches for Generative AI during the past 19 years.

Worldwide Searches for the words Generative AI – 2004-2023

This AI revolution is great for those of us that are passionate about AI’s capabilities to change the world in a positive way – as long as it is deployed with safety in mind. It is also highly relevant for businesses looking to derive incremental and transformational business value. It is safe to say that the world of AI is now moving into a whole new era.

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