Ana Maria Echeverri

I am Ana Maria Echeverri  and currently work at Amazon (AWS) focused on Artificial Intelligence business development. Prior to that I worked for IBM focused on AI Strategy, AI Training and Consulting services delivered as a subscription. Before that, I was CEO and Founder at Dashlytics, a B2B startup offering data analytics services.

Prior to becoming an entrepreneur and building my Data Science and Python programming skills, I worked for over 20 years in the Enterprise Software industry in regional and global sales and marketing roles (Informix, IBM, Microsoft, and Citrix). I hold a degree in Computer Engineering, an MBA, and a Master of Science in Analytics. I have expertise with IBM Watson Analytics, Apache Spark, SAS, Tableau, R, Rapidminer, and Python Machine Learning.

In my career, I have had the privilege of traveling to 28 countries for business meetings with clients and partners, to deliver training, or to be a speaker at industry events.

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