Homeless Coder releases app: Trees for Cars

Read Leo’s story, and support him by buying the app: Trees for Cars for $0.99.

About 3 months ago, Patrick McConlogue decided to help a homeless man: Leo “Journeyman” Grand by offering either $100 in cash, or three Javascript books, a basic laptop, and personal tutoring so he could learn to code.  Leo chose to code.

There were many skeptics and even haters who felt there was no point to the whole effort. Well..  Leo just released a mobile app called “Trees for Cars.” It is available on iOS and Android for 99 cents, and he gets about 70 cents for every download. He is looking forward to using that money to be able to afford a home, find a job, and/or pay for school.

Trees for Cars is a mobile carpooling app that connects drivers and riders. But even if you don’t carpool, wouldn’t it be great to spend less that you spend for a cup of coffee to support Leo and the effort to get more people to learn how to code?

2 thoughts on “Homeless Coder releases app: Trees for Cars

  1. I was just reading a blog post suggesting that we should think about what we would really be doing with ourselves if we did not have to worry about making enough money to provide food, shelter and clothing for ourselves and our loved ones. The thought crossed my mind that we would probably become a very advanced society because we would have more time to be creative and innovative and finding our life’s purpose rather than competing for a paycheck. Then I find your post and it got me thinking even further…think about all those beautiful minds out there that have so much creative ideas to share but because they couldn’t quite make it through the rat race very well, their voices aren’t heard. It’s so unfortunate!…Thank goodness for people like Patrick and congrats to Leo! And thank you for sharing this video! 🙂

  2. I could not agree more. This is a beautiful example of what 2 people can do. One by caring enough. The other one by being open to develop a new skill literally out of thin air. We need more people like both of them.

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