The Psychological Price of Entrepreneurship

It is very likely that any entrepreneur reading this article will see her/himself in some of the stories discussed. From sleepless nights, to obsession, hypomania and suicidal thoughts, the article discusses some of the realities of building a business from scratch as well as some of the innate character traits that make entrepreneurs more vulnerable to mood swings.

What can entrepreneurs do to keep their lives from spiraling out of control?

  1. Make time for your loved ones. Don’t let your business squeeze out your connections with human beings.
  2. Limit your financial exposure. When it comes to assessing risk, entrepreneurs’ blind spots are often huge.
  3. Cardiovascular exercise, a healthful diet, and adequate sleep are very important
  4. Cultivate an identity apart from your company.
  5. Re-frame failure and loss. Life is a constant process of trial and error.
  6. Be open about your feelings–don’t mask your emotions.
 Read the whole article “The Psychological Price of Entrepreneurship“.

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